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        NanYunPack, is a professional supplier of labeling machines and date coding machines that offer innovative and total solutions. We are making rapid progress every year in the packaging and labeling sector.

        NanYunPack has a professional global technical and sales team with over 20 years of extensive industry expertise and a lot of heart. Also, NanYun machines and equipment meet the strict ISO 9001 quality control procedure and conform to the CE requirements.

        Currently, NanYunPack operates a modern standard production factory, covering an area of 46,609 square meterswhere we produce a range of products such as hot stamp coderlaser coder, ink jet coder, labeling machine, filling machine, capping machine, carton sealer, production line, related packaging machines, etc. Annual production capability reaches 16,500 sets of cost competitive machines.

        We’re NanYunPack, and we are Here to Serve You.